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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Days 88, 89 May 15-16 Rain!!! Innsbruck

Day 87 continued
So I got to Innsbruck after dark while the rain was coming down in buckets. I had to walk about a mile with my backpack in the pouring rain to get to my hostel. After a confusing walk through the old part of Innsbruck I finally find my hostel. It is a very old building with an old mural painted on its outer wall. It is a beautiful little place and it has a bakery and restaurant below in which they give you your breakfast in the morning. I get my keys, get into my room, and get out of my wet clothes. There was a group of girls that were also in my room, one girl from Sydney and two from the southern US. We end up going to an Irish pub for about an hour then all of head back to go to sleep because we were too tired. I got back and got some maps out of Innsbruck to plan my next two days.

Day 88

So once again it is raining, but not as bad as it was yesterday. Just a few sprinkles every now and then. I decided to do some hiking north and south of the city for the morning and then in the afternoon I would go to a museum. I got up early in the morning and headed out to the northern mountains. After a nice walk through the old part of Innsbruck, a park, and a suburb on Innsbruck I am finally out of the city and at the base of the mountain. I find a trail that veers off of the road and start climbing. It was a beautiful climb through some thick pine forests. After about an hour I reach a small skiing town that has a ski lift that would take you to the top of the mountain. Due to the thick clouds I decide it was not worth going up on top of the mountain, so I turn around and head to the valleys south of Innsbruck. After a lunch in a restaurant in the heart of the old town I walk out to south of Innsbruck. It was a beautiful walk through some valley pastures and little villages with old churches. I then headed back into town and went to the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum. This museum is probably my favorite museum I have ever been too. It has beautiful hand carved tools with ornate decorations, beautiful furniture, old traditional outfits, and even old wooden rooms that were dismantled and rebuilt from right in the museum. It was so cool to see the work put into these artifacts. After all of that I get some dinner at the Mcdonalds, only because it is the only place that has wifi. I talk to Whitney in the midst of loud local kids getting ready to go out to the bars. It was kind of disappointing because it was hard to hear her. After a difficult conversation I head back to the hostel and go to bed.

Day 89

I got up early and headed to the train station. I want to stop by at Kufstein to hike a good trail I read about. So I got to Kufstein around 10am and tried to find the start of the trail. The book I had did not have a good map in it. I wander through the town and find a really neat little street. It looks like it would come out of a movie of an alpine village. There were murals on the walls and old decorations all over the street. Also there was an old Castle on top of a hill. It looked a lot like the Salzburg castle, but not as big. I tried to go in, but it was closed. After walking about 2 or 3 miles out of town I finally find the rickety old chair lift that will take me to the start of the trail. It is raining, pretty hard by the time I make it there and the man operating the lift warns me that it is snowing on the top where I am heading. I decide it is still worth it, since I have 5 hours until the next train comes and nothing is open in town, so I hop on this one-man rusty chair lift with my backpack sitting on top of me and away I go. I have to switch to another lift twice before I can get to the top. As the man at the bottom promised it was snowing when I got up there. I met with another guy at the top and he gave me a better map of the area. He then hopped on the lift and headed down, it was closing time, and I was the last person. The lift was then shut off and I was stuck in the clouds. I started to go on the trail that included beautiful views of the river and valleys below as well as a ladder section. I decided due to the rain/snow making the trail slippery and the clouds disrupting my views that there was no reason for me to do the long trail. I decided just to head down the trail, back towards town. It was a nice peaceful walk back down the mountain. I made it back and waited for the next train. Back in Vienna it is still raining. GREAT!