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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Days 86,87 May 13,14- Confusion

Day 86
Well after a long night at a club the guys didn’t get up in time, so we are going to go tomorrow. I was walking out the door with my backpack on ready to go and I decided to call them to see where they were. The answer was in bed. So today I will just stay in and wait until tomorrow.

Day 87
So again I was heading out the door and decided to see where everyone was, this time they said they weren’t going because of exams next week. I understand that, but I have been waiting in Vienna this entire week to go to Prague with them, when I could have been hiking in Slovenia or been in Scandinavia or something. It kind of makes me mad. Anyway, I decided to go to Innsbruck for the weekend. Right now I am on the train to Innsbruck. I hope It is fun.

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