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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 83 May 10- Depression due to Boredom

Besides my two classes I had this last week and going out a couple of nights with my friends, I have mostly been sitting in my room, watching movies and wasting my time on the Internet. It is such a huge difference from what I have been doing the last month. I have started thinking about how much I am missing people and things back at home and just getting in a real funk. It is NOT good. I did talk to my whole family for Mother’s Day which was really nice and that made me forget about my entrapment of my room for a little bit. See I should have been leaving for Scotland this weekend, but since the volcano screwed my plans up I am now kind of just sitting around thinking about going somewhere, but not acting on those thoughts. I have to do something tomorrow or this is going to just keep getting worse.

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  1. Just keep moving Caleb!! Go mingle with the village people! :) Hang in there! We'll all be seeing you soon!! Actually we'll (I will) be seeing you in 1 month and 9 days to be exact!! YAYYY!!! Get excited!! :) Enjoy Vienna while you're there! Love you!