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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Days 86,87 May 13,14- Confusion

Day 86
Well after a long night at a club the guys didn’t get up in time, so we are going to go tomorrow. I was walking out the door with my backpack on ready to go and I decided to call them to see where they were. The answer was in bed. So today I will just stay in and wait until tomorrow.

Day 87
So again I was heading out the door and decided to see where everyone was, this time they said they weren’t going because of exams next week. I understand that, but I have been waiting in Vienna this entire week to go to Prague with them, when I could have been hiking in Slovenia or been in Scandinavia or something. It kind of makes me mad. Anyway, I decided to go to Innsbruck for the weekend. Right now I am on the train to Innsbruck. I hope It is fun.

Days 84,85 May 11, 12- The Enchanted Woods of Wienerwald

Day 84
So to cope with my depression and boredom I decided to explore the forests and villages outside of Vienna. So I got up got on a bus and went to the Vienna woods. I got to Hinterbruhl and went to the largest underground lake in Europe. It was somewhat disappointing since the tour was only in German, but it was still pretty cool. The first jet aircraft was made in these tunnels during World War II. I then walked around the hills and found some old ruins and watched some rock climbers for a while. It was a good full day of exploring, exactly what I needed after the last week.

Day 85
I went back out to the woods today to explore some more. I got on the wrong bus and it was going the opposite direction of where I needed to go, but I decided to stay on it and see what I could find. After riding it for about an hour and making its complete loop I go off and started walking to the place I had planned on going to, to begin with. After walking for about a half an hour some guy pulled over and offered me a ride. My first successful hitch hike, even though I wasn’t trying. I got to the entrance of the park I wanted to go to and started to do some hiking. I came across three old ruins of either castles or monuments or whatever. It was cool it felt like I was back in Scotland almost. After that I hiked back to town through the hills and went back home for the night. I need to go back out there one more time, there are two castles that I would like to see that I haven’t gotten around to yet. So I will make one more journey out the Wienerwald. Tomorrow I am going with the guys to Prague, it should be a good time.

Day 83 May 10- Depression due to Boredom

Besides my two classes I had this last week and going out a couple of nights with my friends, I have mostly been sitting in my room, watching movies and wasting my time on the Internet. It is such a huge difference from what I have been doing the last month. I have started thinking about how much I am missing people and things back at home and just getting in a real funk. It is NOT good. I did talk to my whole family for Mother’s Day which was really nice and that made me forget about my entrapment of my room for a little bit. See I should have been leaving for Scotland this weekend, but since the volcano screwed my plans up I am now kind of just sitting around thinking about going somewhere, but not acting on those thoughts. I have to do something tomorrow or this is going to just keep getting worse.

Days 71-75 April 28-May 2 Back in Vienna/ Ted comes to visit

After catching up on some lost sleep from the previous days of traveling it was time to meet up with Ted. YAY! Family!! So I met him at his hotel and we went out for dinner. We had a lovely dinner at the café in the Belvedere gardens and then went back to bed. The next day we went to Stephansplatz to see the church, went to the Schloss Schonnbrunn , I showed him my apartment and school and then we went up to Kahlenberg to get a good view of the city and to get some dinner. We ate at a place I have wanted to eat at for the last couple of months. It is situated in the middle of the woods with an outdoor grill, bar, wine booth, crepe bar, and the atmosphere is just really cool. We ate there and then went to bed for the night. It was a good day showing Ted around. The next day we had a bit of a problem. We must have just missed each other at the place we were supposed to meet. To make a long story short 9 hours later we finally find each other watch some pitiful fireworks with my friends and then go get some dinner. It was an interesting day, trying to find each other. The next morning it was time for Ted to leave. I met him at his hotel had some breakfast and then said my goodbyes. It was really nice talking to Ted. Telling him all of my plans for the future and seeing what advice he has. It was just nice to spend time with him. On another note, Vienna has changed SOO much in the month I had been gone. The streets were just blooming with flowers; everyone was eating and drinking outside now. It has just really come to life. It is pretty cool.