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Monday, April 12, 2010

Days 53, 54 April 10,11-Biarritz France

Day 53
Forget the surfing, the surf was non-existent today. Instead Ben and I just relaxed on the Biarritz beach for a while then walked along the coast to a neighboring town and walked its beach for a while then headed back to the hostel, or should I say Jr. High Spring dance. This hostel was by far the weirdest hostel I have stayed at so far. It was extremely nice, but it did not have the hostel atmosphere. Instead it was full of 12-15 year olds and their parents. They had a big party that night and I could not find a quiet place that didn’t have kids running around being loud in the whole place. Then Ben and I had an Evangelist French man, who had an eye patch, wore Brazilian clothes, talked to us in Spanish, mostly saying “Todo Bien” every 5 minutes. Let me go on. He would blare reggaeish music/ Whitney Houston, or any other girly music you can think of all day long and sing to it in his falsetto voice the entire time. Then every once in a while he would break down and weep saying that he missed his father. Then he would go to clubs at night but make sure we knew he was not drinking, smoking, or doing drugs, because he walks/works for Jesus. Then would come back at about 1 in the morning. Needless to say Ben, the Welsh man that was also in our room, and I were all very worried about this guy snapping sometime. In the end we just started to join in on his very happy mood and ask him “Todo Bien?” as much as he asked us. The morning we left he woke up, asked us “Todo Bien?” we said si and then he went back to bed. Either way after the Jr. High dance and the crazy French guy in our room, Ben and I were ready to get to the Alps. But we went to the train station earlier that day to get our tickets, but do to the strike we couldn’t leave for another day. So we went back just made dinner that night and went to bed.

Day 54
It was freezing today, so no beach for us. Ben had to schedule classes for the fall and work on a paper he had to turn in soon, so we just hung out at the hostel, the kids were gone and Oliver, the French/Brazilian guy was gone so why not. I went to the lake next to our hostel, the one that smells like Wisconsin, found a spot that smelled especially like Wisconsin in a small patch of pines, sat down, widdled and just relaxed for a couple of hours. It was really nice, took me home for a while and completely restarted everything for me. It is nice that I can do this. I can just go into the woods for a while, anywhere I am, I do it at home all the time, and just relax for a while, completely clear my mind, and feel like I am starting everything over again. It is hard to explain the feeling I have when I do this, but the closest I can get to is that it is really like starting my life over again with a clear fresh mind. So I did that, then went back to the hostel where Ben and I played some Foosball for a while. I then talked to Whitney on Skype for a bit, made dinner and got packed. While getting packed Oliver walked through the door again. NOOOOO!!!! I thought I got rid of him. Nope. After some singing and being overly happy I went to bed. Annecy tomorrow. I can’t wait to get back to the Alps.

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  1. YAY for interesting roommates!! haha! This Oliver character sounds like a funny one! Hope you and Ben enjoyed your time with this fella!! :)