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Monday, April 5, 2010

Days 46, 47 April 3,4- Semana Santa

Day 46

After getting off the train in Sevilla, Ben and I were on a journey to find a place with WIFI since we forgot to pull anything up on our computers of how to get to the hotel we were staying at. After some tramping through the center of Sevilla with our packs on we finally find a plaza that has free wifi. After searching my email and the hotel website, I can’t find the place that the bus comes to take you there. By the way we are outside of Sevilla, because we didn’t book it a month before, which we should have done, due to Santa Semana. So after much searching, we decide to just get a taxi there. 30 Euros later, split between the two of us, we are at our hotel, in a tiny town outside of Sevilla. It was kind of nice though to see a little bit of the countryside. AND there was an ancient Roman Amphitheater right across the road from our hotel. We grab some lunch at a little restaurant in the this town, which was delicious. There we met an older woman from northern Spain. She talks our ears off about Camina de Sant Diego. She was very nice. She has done the whole thing. I might think about doing that some day. Maybe on bike, but I still might do it. Anyway we get checked in and then get on the BUS that will take us back to Sevilla, 1.25 Euros for the both of us. Idiots . We get on that being the only non-Spanish people on there. At the next stain the next stop a, lets say mentally challenged Spanish man that reminded me of Cuba Gooding Jr. playing Radio, sat next to me. Ben and I were the only people on the bus, many seats open, but he decided to sit with us anyway. He was pretty funny. He was talking to everyone that got on the bus and laughing away. It seemed like most of the people that got on knew him too. I tried to ask him some things, but I couldn’t understand a word he said. Usually I can make out enough things, but with him I had nothing. So we got to Sevilla and started walking around the town. Sevilla is a lot like Vallencia, but even narrower streets. I mean hard to get more than two people walking side by side in them. Pretty cool. The only thing I didn’t like it over Valencia, is I felt like it was a bit more run down and dirtier. But besides that it was good. We walked around until we ran into a procession going on. We sat there and watched the men dressed in hooded outfits , marching bands, and the giant floats carried by men going by. It was quite an experience and everyone was there to watch it. It was a very traditional thing, with many rituals. After that we walked around some more. Stopped in a park for a break, ran into some funny beggars. Check there website its Pretty good. Then we got some Paella and went back for the night. Our “Radio” friend was on the bus, but he wasn’t very lively this time. All tuckered out from a big partying day in the city. We got back watched some tv and went to bed.

Day 47

After the best breakfast I have had since being in Europe, Ben and I go to the Amphitheater next door to us. We walk around there for a while, seeing the amphitheater, some old walls where buildings were, and some murals. After that we catch the bus again to Sevilla. We explore some more things, mostly the small streets, a large u-shaped building, which was really cool, and some churches. We run into another procession, watch that for a while. We got some gelado, and some lunch in a little plaza down a very narrow street. After a few hours, we head back to our hotel and go to play some soccer in a dirt field behind the hotel. After completely embarrassing ourselves with our lack of skill, we head back to the hotel and just relax for the night. Tomorrow we leave for Granada. From everything we have heard it is an amazing city. I can’t wait to see it. Until then see ya.

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