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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Days 44,45 April 1-2-Ugh Madrid

Day 45

After a beautiful train ride through the countryside of Spain I realized that I hated trains. All they do is taunt you with the hills, valleys, lakes, streams, and quaint little towns, that I will never see. I would rather not see them at all, if I cannot enjoy these places to the fullest. I have a problem of wanting to see everything in every minute detail. I hate just zooming by hills that I want to climb to the top of or villages I want to go into a restaurant and talk with the locals. That is just me though. Seeing the cities is good, but it doesn’t show you the real side of Spain. Anyway we got to Madrid, now to find the hotel that we booked the day before. It was actually called an apartment, as it had a full kitchen and a office area. It was more like a condominium. Anyway after riding the Metro to the third to last stop it would go Ben and I get off and try to find our way. First we are in a suburb, with older people sitting in the plazas and moms walking together with their kids in the strollers. It was kind of weird and nice at the same time. Anyway we keep walking and got to the outskirts of the suburb to a few huge empty lots full of trash and large apartment complexes scattered around the area. It was a little sketchy, but the hotel looked nice, and it was only 50euros a night. So we go into the office and try to check in, but they tell us we are at the wrong area to check in. She redirected us to the security guard office. There we paid the security guard and got our key. I know VERY sketchy. We got to the room, open the door, expecting to walk into a mess, but it was just liked the pictures showed, two beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an office area. I was a little afraid of something happening to us that night, but we will just have to wait and see. We try to find an open supermarket so we can cook food, but due to Easter week everything is closed. We luckily find a Chinese man in a little room selling some food. We get some food, make some very crude spaghetti and go to bed. There is no wifi offered in our hotel so we just went to bed. Well tried to. The couple next door to us was having a little fun and kept us up for a while. Then we went to bed, hoping nobody came in and stole our stuff at night.

Day 46

We made it through the night!!! Time to explore Madrid. The problem was, was that Madrid was just as I expected, a large city with no charm. I was looking forward to the art museums, but since it was Good Friday it was closed. So Ben and I walked around a while seeing some of the sights, then fell asleep in a park for a while. Don’t get me wrong, Madrid is a beautiful city, but it was just that a city. Without the museums it just isn’t a place that is worth visiting only for a couple of days. I am sure it would be great for people to live in that like living in large cities, but I am not one of those either. So Ben and I went back to the hotel at about 5, bought a soccer ball and played some junkyard football in the lots next to our place. It was really nice to not do the tourist stuff and just relax and have fun doing normal everyday activities. After that Ben went into the main hotel, acting like we were staying there and asked for the wireless network password. They gave it to us and we went back to the room and watched some American TV for the first time in two months. While in Valencia one of Ben’s friends told us about a website that had them. FINALLY I can watch Lost, It’s Always Sunny, and some movies. So after a few episodes of It’s Always Sunny, and some more noise from the neighboring couple, we go to bed. Tomorrow we leave for Sevilla and have a great time for Semana Santa (Holy Week). Until then.

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  1. It is so good to have you blog again. Thanks for the updates! I have to remember to read from the bottom to the top! It was so good to have the long conversation with you today. You need to put some of your seedier adventures and escapes in your blog too. They are interesting! Thank you Whitney for sharing your time today when you didn't have it to give. You are great!