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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Days 41, 42, 43, 44 March 29-April 1-I Found my Wannabe Spanish Hometown

Day 41
After checking into our Hostel, which was really cool. It was built into the side of a church and was very bright and clean, with an amazing kitchen. Ben and I start walking around the old part of town. Valencia is full of tall towers that come from hundreds of years ago, bright blue ceramic dome roofs, marble sidewalks, and giant wooden doors. It is really a beautiful town. It is very laid back and has many things going on at the same time. It is the one place I have been so far that I would REALLY like to live for a while. Anyway we met up with another one of Ben’s friends, Brittany and a few of her friends for dinner in a large courtyard with a massive church at one end. We sat there ate and drank, until the sun had almost set. It was a very charming square, especially at dusk. After that we went out to a small little bar and went to the second story and drank and talked for a while. The girls were all very nice and fun to hang around. Then Ben and one of the girls and I went to another bar, almost a discotheque, but not quite. We stayed therefore a while then went home for the night. It was a good day, getting to know a beautiful city, and meeting amazing people.

Day 42

We met up with Brittany and her best friend again and walked down the Rio. Which used to be a river, but they dammed it and now it is just a beautiful park. We climbed on some children’s playgrounds, jumped over some fountains, and strolled through some shady walkways. At the end of the Rio was the La Ciudades Artes y Ciencias., which is the picture you see when you look up Valencia. They are some giant modern buildings, which look like space ships, with giant bright blue pools surrounding them. It is really stunning. We walked around for a while and then went to the port where the America’s Cup is held. We sat there for about an hour just relaxing. It was nice. Then back to the hostel for a nap. After dinner we went to an Irish pub for a couple of hours and met some more of the students studying in Valencia. Another GREAT day.

Day 43

WOW!!! I never realized Easter could be such a pain in the ass. Because of Easter all of Spain is crazy right now, so Ben and I Had to change some plans. After going to the train station and waiting for about 2 hours, we are told that all of the trains to Granada are booked for the next couple of days. They told us to go to the bus station. We hop on a bus and a half an hour later we get to the station. It will be 45euros. Our eurorail pass doesn’t work for busses. SOOO we go back to the hostel, go to the market and get some food, which the market is really cool. Full of meats hanging, fruit stands of any fruit you could want, and fish stands of all kinds of fish and live eels and octopus. Either way we get some food and go back and cook lunch. I meet a cool guy named Patrik, who is from Maine during lunch, and then Ben and I go BACK to the train station to get a ticket. We decided to go to Madrid, then go down south, there are more trains from Madrid, than there are from Valencia. So we wait in line for another hour and then get two tickets one to Madrid, and one from Madrid to Seville on Saturday. After that we go back to the hostel again. I go down and try to climb one of the towers, but it is closed. Instead there is a procession of Priests and drummers going through one of the main squares. I get a gelado cone, sit on a beautiful fountain and watch this for a while. It was the first time in a while I had sat down and just taken every thing in. It was an amazing experience, with the drummers, the priests, and the whole experience. It was a great way to end a terrible day. After that I go back and make some Paella, a traditional Spanish food kind of like stir-fry. It actually turned out VERY well considering I just through things into it. After a shower Ben, Patrik, and I meet up with Ben’s friends at the Irish pub again and drink a few beers, then head to a discotheque. After a couple hours of dancing we went home and went to bed.

Day 44

I woke up in the morning made some breakfast and met up with Patrik to go and climb the tower that I wanted to climb the other day. We get to the church, with people singing in it. That was cool in itself, then climb the spiraling staircase to the top. It was an amazing view of the city. After taking some pictures and getting another cone of gelado, Patrik and I sit on the fountain eating our cones and talking. It was a nice morning. After that I went back and got packed. It was time for Ben and I to head to Madrid. I really didn’t want to go. Valencia is by FAR the best town I have been in. I could stay there for a long time, but if I did, then I wouldn’t see anything else. SOO it is time to go. Good by Valencia, Hello Madrid.

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  1. I"m really excited that you're blogging all this stuff Caleb! I've heard most of it already, but reading it makes a little bit bigger impression. I love it. By the way, if you keep writing the way you are, you and I may have to go to serious war (over who writes better!)! Just joking. But seriously, I love that you're writing. You should keep it up when you return home!! :)