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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 62,63- April 19,20- Edinburgh

Day 62

The bus ride was a beautiful drive through northern England and southern Scotland, passing through rolling grassy hills, with stone fences, that look like the Romans built them, keeping in the sheep that are grazing in the fields. After the eight hours in that I finally reached Edinburgh. I instantly fell in love with this city. With its buildings built on the side of a hill, looking like a crowd of people sitting in a stadium. It’s somewhat eerie presence it has, with ghost and witch stories in abundance. I mean it is the city that inspired the Harry Potter series, which I will tell you about later. It just had so much history in it and you could see that just by looking at it. Anyway I walked to my hostel and checked in, Then I was off to explore as usual. I walked down the royal mile, which is the old street that leads up the hill directly to the castle. This street is full of shops, some cheesy tourist shops, but also some really good shops too. I had to buy some things of course. I got myself a nice plaid wool blanket. I got some scarves for all of the ladies in my family; I got Neal his clans scarf, and a couple more things. After this I went back to the hostel and went to bed, I was still trying to recover from the last couple of days.

Day 63

I start this day off with a walking tour of the city that my hostel gave to us for free. We walked around for a couple of hours, visiting all of the major historical places in the city. The tour guide and I talked the entire time, making his tour have a bit less information then it should have had. I felt bad for the others, but I made a friend to go to the pubs with that night. Anyway on the tour we saw a very old cemetery, an old torture chamber, the café that the Harry Potter books were written in, the school that Hogwarts was based off of, the Edinburgh Castle, and much more. After the tour I climbed to the top of the hill that was on the outskirts of town and got some good camera shots. I then walked back up the Royal Mile and got ready to go out to the pubs with a few friends I met that day. We did a pub-crawl that night in the old part of town. It was really fun and cool to see some of the old pubs.

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