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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 58, 59, 60-April 15,16,17-Paris and the End of France

Day 58

We arrive in Paris and take a taxi to our hostel, which is by far the WORST hostel we have stayed in since we have been traveling. The sheets were slightly better then the paper they put on doctor's examining tables, the bathrooms were too gross to even get clean in, there were hundreds of middle school kids running around all over the place, and the staff was not the friendliest. We went straight to bed, because due to the train delays we only have one and a half days in Paris, so we were going to get up early and hit it hard. We got up the next day and started the sightseeing. First Notre Dame, then Le Louvre, then the Eiffel Tower, and then we went to a nice restaurant for dinner. This was our last meal together so we ate well. While on the tower a large storm came in. It was kinda cool to watch it come in and envelope the city. After walking all day and seeing A LOT of Paris we went back and went to bed.

Day 59

Ben got up early to catch his train. He was leaving for Brussels, I was going to London to catch a flight to Morocco. We said goodbye and he was gone. I am on my own for the next 12 days. I got up and walked around the city with my pack on until 2:30. I went to Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. I didn't go watch a show there. Maybe next time I come to Paris. Although it was like 200 Euros, but it might be worth it. I did see some pictures though. haha. After that I went to the train station to catch my train. I ended up in Calais France, here I will catch my train. I walked for about an hour with my pack to a small town outside the city, which is where my hotel was. The town was very odd, as it didn't look french, but then didn't look english either. It was a mix, very strange. Anyway I get to my hotel and check in. It is a bar with some rooms on the top. It is a really old hotel, with narrow hallways with old creaky wooden floors and old wallpaper. It was like I was staying at an old western saloon with rooms above. It was kinda cool. I went to the beach after checking in and walked on it for a bit. It was really cold, but cool at the same time. There was a really wide beach, because the tide is so big, and the sun was setting with ferries going by. It was nice to just stand there and watch it for a while. After that I went back to the bar, got a terrible cheeseburger, talked to the five people that were in there, which I think were all family and none spoke english, and then went to talk to Whitney for a while. After that I went to bed. I leave for London tomorrow. Hopefully I can go to Morocco. There has been a large volcano eruption in Iceland, that has caused the largest grounding since 9/11. So we will see.
Last Day in France

Day 60

After Waking up late, well late for me. I woke up at 8, and then watched a chick flick love, I am not going to say which one, but it reminded me of Whitney, A LOT. I miss her so incredibly much. Anyway I went down the old wooden stairs to the first floor of my hotel to get breakfast. I ate breakfast with a 50 some year old Chinese man, whom had been living in London for the last 20 years. We talked about traveling, the airplane problem, anything and everything. He told me that in 1991, he traveled through Europe, and in Amsterdam there were girls walking around topless all around in his hostel. He was pretty excited about this. Haha. I told him I have not seen that yet, regrettably. I did go to some topless beaches in the last few weeks, but it seems all of the topless women were either over 60 or overweight. Anyway after breakfast I went into town to print off my boarding pass for the ferry. After a couple of hours walking around trying to find a place that would let me print things off I got it printed off and made the journey back to the hotel. I ate lunch, got packed and headed for the beach. I sat there for a couple of hours just relaxing and taking it all in. Now it was time to go to the ferry. I stopped at a cafĂ© with Internet. I checked my email and saw that my flight had been cancelled to Marrakech. I had expected this, but it still sucked to read. Either way I had already bought my ferry and train ticket to Luton, I didn’t have anyway to get in contact with Ryanair in Calais France, I had nowhere to stay that night, and I still had 11 days until I wanted to be back in Vienna. So these were my 3 options. 1. Go to England and either try to get a plane a few days from now to Morocco, or just stay in England for 10 days. This option was good; I could go to Scotland and then do Morocco in a couple of weeks when I planned to do Scotland. 2. Stay in France and try to take either buses or trains, to try to get back to Vienna, which would be hard right now because everybody is doing that. I didn’t really like this idea, as I am in Europe, I might as well see all that I can while I am here and not just sit in my dorm room, while all of my friends are still on break. And then there was option #3. I looked around on STA travel and found some round trip tickets from London to Indianapolis for 315Brithish Pounds. This option was to surprise Whitney and my family with a weeklong visit. I figured it up and I would actually be saving about 200-300 dollars by going with this option. This was honestly my number one option while I was leaving France. Anyway I got on the Ferry, caught the train, and made it to the airport, where everything was shut down. I thought they would open back up in the morning and I could figure out my tickets then. So I found a little spot on the cold marble floor. I ripped out a few clothes, made a nest for myself, and fell asleep, well tried to.

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  1. Well, option 3 obviously didn't work out-- I hear that there is another eruption this morning-- must be a mess traveling over there. Stay and travel-- you will only be there with this much freedom once in your life. Not that I wouldn't love to see you-- because we all would-- but you are there-- live it up!