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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days 24, 25 and 26 March 12-14 Hungry for Hungary, BUDAPEST

Day 24

Almost a month in to my trip now. It is crazy how at home I am beginning to feel here. We went to Budapest this weekend and when we got back it felt so nice to hear german again and to recognize the street names. It is weird how fast one can adjust to a completely different lifestyle. Coming from a farm in the middle of nowhere to going to the middle of a large european city, with people from different cultures all around you all the time, and feeling at home. It is good. Anyway on to Budapest. We got on a bus, my first trip outside of Austria, I'm getting to be a big boy now. After a 3 and a half hour bus ride we arrive in Budapest, at 7:30pm. A soccer game had just gotten let out a bit before we got there and it really looked like a war zone. There was trash everywhere, police with riot shields patrolling the area, and it was just dark and grungy looking. Not a good way to start the trip. Anyway we got a train pass and went to go find a hostel. OOOOO wait let me back up. So you all remember Sam right? The one who broke both of her arms. Yeah she forgot her passport and they wouldn't let her on the bus with us, so she went back to get her passport and took a train and was going to call us when she got there. So now we try to go find our hostel. We try to call the hostel and realize our Austrian phones don't work in Budapest. Then we realize there is no way we are going to be able to get a hold of Sam. GREAT. A young Australian girl, coming in at about 9 o'clock, in a not incredibly safe city, after a big soccer game just got over, BY HERSELF, with no idea where to go. Good situation. So we go to the first hostel that we were planning on staying at and they are booked for the night and can't take 11 people. They call around and find one that is a few blocks down that we get in to. So we walk down the street, look around, and can't find this place at all. Nowhere to be found. We walk back and forth on this street for a while and finally see the number that it is. At this really old run down door. We think "this can't be it", so we walk around a bit more, but nothing, so we go back to the door and look at the little names of the people who live behind it and sure enough, Big Fish Hostel was on the list. So we ring them and they buzz us in. WE go up some old grungy stairs and I am thinking to myself that this is going to be a pretty shaty place. But when they opened the door it was actually very nice and clean. With two sleeping rooms, three bathrooms, and a kitchen. WE got settled in and went to go try and find Sam. As we are walking out the door we see Sam walk by the window. WHAT?!?!?! This girl is amazing. Here is her story. She got off the train and realized there was no reception. SOOO she found an internet cafe and found a conversation Ben and Vanessa were having about the place we were staying on Facebook. So she got the name of the place and got in a taxi and had him take her there. She asked the lady if a large group of english speaking people came in and she said no. Then as she was leaving, she said o wait a minute yes, they are at Big Fish now. So she went off to find us and was walking by looking for this place as we were walking out the door. For a girl with such bad luck, she seems to have the best bad luck you can get. Either way, it was a relief to have her back and know she was safe. So now we got ready to go out. We went to a bar called Szimpla, which was amazing it was just an old courtyard with little rooms on the side and they had these giant flame heater to heat it. The atmosphere was just really cool. After a few beers, a couple shots, and some great times, we go home and go to bed.

DAY 25

We get up and go to get some breakfast, but it was weird, because Budapest is mainly fast food. It felt like America. I didn't like it. We ate at Burger King and then started walking around the city. We found some cool churches and government buildings, then climbed a hill with an old World War II barricade on top. We looked around took some pictures and then came back down. Grabbed some chinese, at another none hungarian restaurant and went back for a nap before we went out again. We went back to Szimpla, I had a couple beers, but my stomach was hurting from something, so I went back and went to bed, but Ruth, a girl from Canada, rolled her ankle really badly and they had to carry her home on there backs. It was apparently a funny walk home.

DAY 26

HOT SPRINGS!!!!!!!!! So we went to the hot springs, the entire reason we came to Budapest. We got there and got into our bathing suits and headed in, to be very disappointed. It was like an old health spa back home, with fat guys, and it reeked of sulfur. But then we realized we were in the wrong place. So we walked around a little bit and found our way outside, to the coolest pool I have ever seen. Three of them. All at around 100 Degrees. It was SO much fun. They also had a circular pool with jets that made a really strong current that you could get into and go around. We had such a good time. after staying there for a couple of hours and getting into some very nice saunas, it was time to go home. So we got to the bus station went home and went to bed. I would recommend Budapest, but really only for the hot springs. The rest of the city is nice, but nothing spectacular. Now I have to start planning for my month long trip. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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