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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 37, 38, 39, 40- March 25-28 First stop on the big trip...Barcelona

Day 37
After a bus from Vienna to Bratislava, then a flight from Bratislava to Gerona, and then another bus from Gerona to Barcelona, we are finally there!!!! Finally on my trip!! We walk around for a while trying to find our hostel, which is located right on the beach, winding through narrow streets with clothes and plants hanging from the balconies. This is it. This is Spain. Pretty sweet. So we check in, go and get some dinner at a restaurant, and then......... go to bed. haha. it was 11:30 and it was a long day of traveling. We have three full days so it wasn't a big deal.

Day 38

Ben and I wake up around 8:15 and go and eat breakfast, overlooking the sunrise over the Mediterranean. We are off to explore Barcelona. We start with the old part of town. Winding through its narrow streets, going into little shops, and soaking in the fast paced life of Barcelona. After this exploring we go to a hill on the outskirts of town. We climbed that and went to an old palace which was now a museum. Looked at the gardens with its waterfalls, then went to an old village. This isn't actually an old village. It was built in the 20's for a World Fair that was made to resemble different architecture throughout the country of Spain. It was probably 3 to 6 acres of really cool architecture. Very interesting. After that we walked back down the hill, went to the hostel to take a nap, and got ready to go out with one of Ben's friends that was currently living in Barcelona. We went to a small bar, ordered a pitcher of mojito for each of us, and had a great time in the upstairs of that bar. After that we tried to go to another bar, but it was closed so we just went home and slept.

Day 39-Gaudi Day

We wake up, get breakfast, and head out to see some amazing architecture by Gaudi. First we go and see Sangrada Familia, the church he started, but never finished and is still being built today. It is the most eclectic church I have ever seen. So many things going on you don’t even know where to start. It was really cool. The amount of detail and planning that went into building this church is unimaginable. After taking some pictures there we head to see a couple of the houses he made. They were really expensive to go into, but we saw the outside at least. Then we went to a supermarket, got some food for lunch and went to the park Gaudi designed. After walking through some forested areas, we reach a bridge that Gaudi made. It is so hard to explain this bridge. It looked like something from Lord of the Rings. You will just have to look it up for yourself readers, but it was AMAZING. We ate lunch here looking over Barcelona, then went to a plaza he made that was full of people selling things, musicians, and people just having a good time. After that we looked at a couple more buildings he made and climbed to a peak of the park and got a great view of the city down below. That night we went out with Ben’s friend again and went to a large bar, which reminded me of the place I went to in Salzburg, but Spanish instead of German. Anyway after a few beers, a kebab, we went and got a couple more beers at an illegal bar. Since the bars all close at 2, we had to go to one, that you had to knock on the metal door; they open a slit and then let you in. It was interesting. After that we went home and went to sleep.

Day 40

Today we went up to Mont Juic again, this time to see the Castle and the Olympic stadium. We climbed up the hill and made our way to the castle. There was a concert inside the main walls. We think it was to raise money for Chile, but we weren’t sure. Either way we explore the castle watch the concert for a while, then look at some of the Olympic things. After this we went back to the hostel and slept on the beach a little. It was a long day and night the day before. That night we went and looked at a building that they have lit up blue and red, took some pictures, then walked to the Sagrada Familia, took some pictures and then went to sleep. Tomorrow we leave for Valencia. I can’t wait!!!!

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