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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 36-March 24-Good-Bye Vienna, I Hardly Knew You

Well it has been over a month now that I have been in the beautiful city of Vienna. Now it is time for me to leave it behind. Not for good, but only for a good time. I am leaving tomorrow morning for Barcelona, spending a 14 days in Spain, 10 days in France, and 10 days in Morroco. A total of 34 days, traveling, living out of my backpack. This is it. Well kind of. After I get back I will stay around for a week, then I will head to Scotland for 9 days. Then I will be back for about 4 days and I will fly to Norway for a long weekend, to see the fjords. Then it is down to business for a little over three weeks. I have a quite a few classes in that time. I might go to Prague for a couple of days, maybe Innsbruck, but nothing big. Then I am done June 17th and off to the Tour Du Mont. I might have to schedule some exams for after I get back, but probably only one. Anyway, I will spend 8 days hiking through some of the most beautiful countryside of Italy, Switzerland, and France. Then off to London to pick up Whitney, look at some sites and then back to Vienna, maybe take an exam if I need to, but mostly spend every waking moment with Whitney catching up. Then my parents get here. I will then travel by RV, through Austria, Germany, a little bit of Switzerland, and a little bit of France, only to end in Venice, where my parents will go home and Whitney and I will continue, down the boot of Italy, across to Montenegro, then down Greece ending in Santorini. Then back to home for about a week, then back to Purdue. Sounds long and crazy. I KNOW. It is going to be quite an experience, but I think I will want to just stay home for a while after words.......maybe not though. Some of you might be asking how I have SO much time here. I ask myself that sometimes too. I just got done with two out of my 9 classes I am taking here. I am taking the equivalent of 13 Purdue credit hours, but they have blocked classes, and after some hard research and scheduling I got my semester to have A LOT of free time. On top of that the classes here, the ones I have taken at least, are VERY easy. I just took a final for my first class. It consisted of 3 questions and I finished it in less than ten minutes. I did study a lot for it, but still. It's nice, to say the least. So ya, this is my next few months. I am going to see and experience more in these few months than I have probably in my entire life. It is going to be amazing, but I am still a little nervous about it. I miss home, my family, my friends, my dog, and mostly Whitney. On Monday it will be four years since we started dating. It sucks I will not be around to be there for that. It sucks I can't take Jacobi hunting, or to hunt tests, even though he always just messes around at those and doesn't hunt. It sucks I can't talk like Joe with my dad and just goof around with him, or go skiing with my mom this summer. These are all things that I miss. A lot. But I just have to keep moving so I don't think about it. I just can't wait for Whitney and my parents to come over and travel with me. As Christopher McCandless wrote in his book as he was dying in a bus in the middle of Alaska "Happiness only real when shared.". Now I am not trying to be dramatic with the whole dying thing, but I think that line was the most important line in his amazing life. He just trekked around meeting a lot of people and seeing a lot of things, but could never make a real bond with anyone. I sometimes think that I want do that, but there is no way I could. I want Whitney here, to share my experiences with. Someone to hug, hold, and kiss. Either way that is what is on my mind tonight. Tomorrow I will be to busy to think about it. I thought it would be good to let people see this side of it too. I want to do research in remote places in the future. The Andes, The Himalayas, but I want to have my family with me when I do this. I have to have someone to share my happiness with. OK so enough of this. I miss everybody, and I hope everything is going well in their lives without me. I am off to start the biggest adventure of my life so far, maybe the biggest one ever, who knows. I doubt it. haha. Hasta la vista.


  1. Caleb, that is one of the most touching and heartfelt passages I have heard out of you for a while now. It brings back memories of our talks when you needed an ear to hear you, and some of the notes that you have written to people. I love this sensitive,caring,deeper side of you. You know I have traveled with out my family-- Sea Camp for 3-4 years- field trips with school- going to my parents 50th wedding anniversary without you guys-- even going to take care of my parents when they were sick- and I know exactly how you are feeling. BUT-BUT-BUT- this is an unbelievable opportunity for you and enjoy the heck out of it. We are all so jealous of you-- we never had opportunites like this. Don't stew any longer because you have an adventure of a lifetime on the horizon. We will all be there before you know it and you will be wishing you were alone again and not annoyed with us. This may be a once in a lifetime experience -- get the most out of it.

    Now-as if I have not embarrassed you enough already - here is old nagging mom again-- is going well in THEIR lives-- ARGH!!!!!!!!!

    BTW-- when in the world did you EVER READ A BOOK! Was it made into a TV program or a movie? Did you have a fever or someone read it to you? Must have been forced on you by someone.

    Caleb, teasing aside-- I love you with all of my heart- BE CAREFUL-- don't drink too much-- don't drink and wander-- keep someone you trust on your blindside. Be safe-- love and hugs-- mom

  2. Great Blog. I am shocked however that you may have actually read a book. You must not really be my son. Try and post blog while on your trip so we can know what you are doing and do it as often as you can so you don't forget. In closing, I will talk like Joe for you and say this: Caaaaaaaaaaleb, Have fun and Beeeeeeee

  3. Haha, thanks dad. And just to let everyone know, I listened to a book on tape, while driving to Wisconsin by myself last fall. It was Into the Wild. It's a good book. So I kinda cheated, but I am reading a book hear, I am almost a third of the way through. I am trying to expand my knowledge and the way I look at the world.

  4. Maybe you need to go back to school to learn how to spell-- here-- and there-- so someone did read it to you! Knew something was up! Have a ball and blog often!

  5. thanks for making the corrections! Love you!

  6. I can't wait to come travel with you Caleb, and your family!! It's going to be AMAZING!! As far as researching in the Andes or wherever, I am totally excited for whatever adventure comes our way!! I could teach English and you could do your thing in the fields and outdoors!! It will be awesome! We would have so many stories to tell!! :) As for now though, LIVE UP your time in Europe, promise to be safe, and keep your chin up! I've already spoken with you about Barcelona and it sounds like you're having a also sound tired already. Get some sleep so you can take in everything during the day! I can't wait to see pictures. Have fun! Love ya!