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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 15- Sunrise Over Vienna March 3

After exploring an old, maybe abandoned castle, that overlooks the city of Vienna and the Danube River on monday with Addison and Ben. Ben and I decided we should go back up there and watch the sunrise. It is the best view of the city I have found, with small towns below dotted between fields and fields of Vineyards. After talking to some other international students about it on monday night Vanessa and Sam, two girls from Australia, decided they would go with us. I looked up if the bus would take us up, but it didn't start running until 6:10, when the sunrise was at 6:34. So I found a bus that at least would take us to the bottom of the hill, but we had to climb the rest of the way up. So i told the group that we would have to leave our place at 5:00. They were still in, but I promised them breakfast too. SO.. I made some sausage and potatoes and Vanessa got some eggs. I also brought some apple strudel, orange juice, and some mandarins. After making the potatoes and sausage and putting it in the the fridge, I packed my backpack with pans, cups, forks, and all the essential eating supplies. I woke up at 4:30 and finished packing and got dressed. I went down and got Ben and now it was time to see if the girls made it. 5 comes around and they call Ben's number. They had been walking for 45 minutes, because they couldn't find a bus that was running that early, they were lost. But the good news was they were only 2 blocks down. I run down and get them and we are off. 10 minutes late but we are off. After a 30 minute bus ride and switching buses once we get there, but the sky is light and we still have to hike up to the top. It is a long hike, up some VERY steep inclines. I hiked the Grand Canyon and never hiked anything this steep. It was tuff, butt we had to hurry. So off we went. Pushing hard trying to beat the suns crest. Half way up se stop for a break and take a few pictures. Then we are off again. The girls did really well, even though they were wearing chucks and something looking like UGG boots. I was impressed. We can see the castle now. Maybe 2 more minutes. We start to walk faster when Sam yells "There it is!!" I turn around and see the tip of the sun coming up. We start to sprint. We get up there, get our cameras out and start taking shots. After the main part of the sunrise was over I start cooking our eggs and getting all of the other things out. We eat our food, while dangling our feet over an ancient castle wall, watching the sunrise over towns, vineyards, the river, and Vienna. An amazing experience to say the least. It was like we were the only people in the world at that moment. After finishing our breakfast and soaking everything up as much as we could, we start to hike down again on the other side of the hill we came up. We saw a herd of deer, which were much smaller than deer in America, some red squirrels, and some amazing views on our walk down through the woods, then the vineyards, and finally through Grinzing. We stopped there and went into a bakery to get pastries and coffee. I got juice, but eh. After that we went home an took naps. It was a really cool experience, with great views, and great people. I love doing things like that, that not many people have done. It was good.

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