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Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 8 and 9-Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, will you be my friend? February 24 and 25

Day 8
After a day of just sitting around in our room, not spending any money, it was time to go to our university for the welcome days for the international students. We went into the main lecture room, which was the size of a small room at Purdue, and had the heads of each divisions talk to us, and got some general information. Pretty much a waste of time, but the good thing was the breaks in between. There I met many new people, including a group of Australians, a guy from Atlanta, a guy from Prague, and a guy from Croatia. We took a tour of the campus and then afterwards decided to go out with the guys I met today later on that night at Loco Club. So I went back took a shower and got ready for a GREAT night. Addison, Ben(the guy from Atlanta), and I went to Loco. The Australians and Croatian weren't there yet so we got a couple of drinks and waited. After a while the group showed up+ a couple of Australian girls. We drank, sang karaoke(terribly I might add), and had the best night I have had since being in Vienna. I really bonded with everyone in the group. After the bar got incredibly crowded we decided to go to Flex, a bar on the other side of town. After taking a few trains and passing some sketchy drug dealers outside of the bar we finally make it, but it was empty. Addison, Ben, Petar ( go from Croatia), and I decide to go home, while the Aussies want to keep drinking. The problem with going home, was we really didn't know where we were, and in which direction home was. After some useless directions form a british guy, we find some girls from Munich, who point us in the right direction. We find the train that will take us back, but it stopped running at 12:30. So we find a taxi and make it home. Again, it was an amazing night, with people I had just met. It was really cool to be with people form all over the world, and for it to be like you have known each other your whole life. Quite an experience, one crazy night.

Day 9

So we missed the tour of downtown, which wasn't that big of a deal, since Addison and I had already seen it many times. The most important thing was to get to the wine and dinner party for the incoming international students. Addison and I get ready and head for the bus. It doesn't come. So we have to find another way to this place. 45 minutes later riding on 4 trains and 2 buses we finally make it there. Of course all of the seats where taken so Addison and I had to pull a kids table up next to a table of girls whom we had never met. After a couple of wine spritzers and a DELICIOUS traditional dinner and dessert, we make many friends at the table. A girl from Verona, Italy, one from Brno, Czech Republic, 2 from Poland, and one girl from Toulouse, France. It is just really cool how many people form all around the world I am meeting and feeling very comfortable with. This is really the experience of a life time. It is something that will never be outdone in my life no matter what it is. It is such a growing experience. Anyway, after the meal the whole group goes to a bar, which was full of smoke and not that entertaining. So a group of Canadians, and a girl from West Virginia, Addison, and I try to make our way back home. TRY. Once again it is passed 12:30 and the buses/trains we usually take aren't running. After walking for about a a half an hour we got on one bus, that took us maybe a half a mile and got off. Then after walking another 45 minutes to an hour we make it home. I have really got to figure out this night bus situation all of this late night walking is killing me. I am going to Salzburg with Thomas and staying at his family's farm. I am really looking forward to this. So until then.

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