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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 6- The Sky Feb. 22

So Addison and I decided to keep going past the town of Grinsing and see what else we could find. After traveling on a winding brick road a while we come to a look out point. A look out point over the entire city. We get off the bus, walk to the edge and take some pictures over a vineyard. We then look to our left and see something else even farther up the mountain. After exploring the little town a little, which consisted of a couple of restaurants and a couple more buildings, we jump back on the bus keep climbing the mountain. We come up to a university, old church, hotel, and an even more amazing view of the city. WE took some pictures, and decided to explore this area a little bit. WE saw a trail going into the woods with a sing saying Hutte something 8 minutes. While looking off the point we saw what looked like a small castle built into the hill, so we thought this trail might lead to it. We started running down the hill through this trail, then came to a large opening, which in the spring would be a large grass field. At the top of this grassy hill was a little picturesque building with a small that made me hungrier than I have been in a while, we look around at it from the outside, promising that we would come back, and then started looking for a bus stop to go to the castle. We found one and started waiting, when a man walking back from the direction of the bus, started saying something to us in German. Sprechen sie Englisch? Yes, the bus does not come here. I have been waiting too, but it only comes in holiday seasons. WE asked him if there was a castle in the direction he came from, he said yes he just walked from there, but it is too far to get to before dark. So we walk back with this man through the wooded trail and back to the lookout point. I ask him where are some other great spots outside of the city to go to. He tells me about two other really good trails, one through a vineyard, and one through some large forests south west of the city. I am really looking forward to going to these places soon. Also I asked him where some great restaurants are. He pointed back to the hut at the top of the grassy hill that had the tantalizing smells surrounding it, begging for you to come in. He says, that is the best restaurant around. So, I am DEFINITELY going back to this spot. After riding the bus back down the hill to Vienna, with our new friend showing us the trails he described earlier on the map, Addison and I thank him and get on our train to go home. Addison and I are REALLY getting good at getting lost and finding AMAZING places. I have found SO many places I want to take Whitney and my parents when they come. I can't wait to share my treasures. I don;t think I am going to do much tomorrow, I am tired of paying for 24 hour passes for the trains/buses. So I am going to wait till I get my 4 month pass to do some more exploring. So I probably won't write anything for a couple of days. BUT maybe Salzburg, skiing, and a mountainous farm this weekend. I really hope we do that this weekend. I'll write later.


  1. the geek squad is coming next week to fix the problem with the home computer.

  2. Glad you're having a great time. Wander! It's good for the soul. And by the way, without Austrian citizenship, I don't think you'll qualify for that low-budget tuition you crave!