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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 5- Royalty Time Feb. 21

So after waking up Addison and I decided to go to the Royal Palace. We hopped on the bus and arrived at the Schloss Schonbrunn. We walked around the grounds for a while, which were AMAZING. It was truly amazing what people had back in the day. The thought and care that went in to making this was impeccable. We took a tour went through some parts of the palace. A few facts: When Edison invented the lightbulb, the emperor had him come over and it took edison's company 9 years to install lights in the entire palace. They had a square mile as there back yard gardens. Well a half a square mile was gardens, the other was a hunting grounds. The palace's main dining hall can be rented out for anyone who is interested. For a low price of 20,000 Euros you can have it all to yourself. Plus food and Drinks. It is pretty amazing though with 5 frescoes and giant mirrors through the whole room. Anyway after the tour we went to the backyard, and walked around which is actually pretty neat, because it is just a park now that you can get into for free. AFter that we came back and walked down a street near us to find places to buy things. We found LIBRO, where we can buy school supplies. BILLA which is a much nicer grocery store than Hofer, the Aldi's, and we also fond the post office. Quite a productive day of exploring. I am really starting to get worried that the sun won't come out here. I haven't seen a glimpse of the sun since I got here. I never realized how much it affected my mood, but it really does. I hope I can see it soon. Anyway I am going to bed. Good night and Good day.


  1. Sounds like you are really getting to know the area. There is a place and their is a person or a possession. It is amazing to see that they took so much time to make such works of art when they didn't have the tools to do such intricate work. So how many can sit in the dining hall? Wedding Twit?

  2. Oh btw-- we haven't seen the sun either. It is so dreary and raining today-- what gloom!

  3. Ok, so at first I clicked the "comment" icon to respond to that the wedding remark has been tossed in, I have to respond differently! Haha! No, really. Ha ha! I mean, for 20, 000 Euro, I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind wouldn't jump all over that offer! It's at such a convenient price! HA! Yeah, right. I'd be lucky enough to rent a white tent at the moment! :)
    Annnnyway, Caleb it's great to hear about you finally figuring your way through the town and stuff. Just reading about how you found a better grocery store for crying out loud makes me feel like you're making a little niche there. It makes me feel good. Just don't get too comfortable! Just stay long enough to maybe rent out that Palace and we'll be set! Just joking! :) I love you! Wish I could've seen all the artwork and everything with you today! Until tomorrow, goodnight!