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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 4- Once Again, Where Are We? February 18

So, today was the day that we were to go to our University, Universitat fur Bodenkultur. Addison and I get up at 9:15, make breakfast, and got on the train to go to the school. After riding the train for about 15 minutes, Addison and I realize we are not where we thought we were. WE WENT THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE WAY! The train got to the end of its line and stopped for a bit before it turned around. We got out and had a little chat with the driver, who told us to stay on, go back 6 stops, get off, and get on a bus. WE NEEDED A BUS NOT A TRAIN!! Just when I thought we were figuring this thing out we go and do something like that. Anyway after some backtracking and switching to a bus we make it to BOKU. I actually really like the campus. There is a large park next to it that will be beautiful in the spring, with its waterfall and pond. There are many old buildings that make up the campus. It has an enrollment of around 8,000 with 200 of them being international students. We met up with Max, the man we had been communicating with for the last few months, and he did not look like I was expecting him to. I was expecting a skinny, frail man, very quite and kind. Instead Max was a large, hardy man. With a hardy laugh and a firm handshake. He had a great personality and was a very nice man. He spent three years in Georgia to finish he masters, and new a lot about the U.S. After going through registry, and talking about many things it was time for us to go. So Addison and I walked around campus for awhile, just to look around, then hopped back on the bus. We got home and took a nap, we still are not completely adapted to the time difference. We then wake up make dinner and go back to the downtown area to look around some more. After taking some pictures we head back to our flat to see what Mauro is doing tonight. He was busy doing other things, so Addison and I stayed in for the night. I CAN'T GO TO SLEEP!!! After talking to Whitney on Skype, which is an amazing invention, I don't know what I would do without it..... I miss her already. This is going to be a long 4 1/2 months. Anyway, I am not going to get into that yet. After our talk I watched some TV and finally got to bed around 1:30. I can't take a nap tomorrow, that is what is screwing me up. OK Good Night to me, good day to you.


  1. I like this post. I like all your postings, Caleb. However, this one (toward the end, especially) is pretty good--maybe it's because I'm involved! Haha. Just joking.
    In response to your adventures: The campus sounds gorgeous. Any school that has a waterfall and pond area sounds good to me though. NOt bashing BSU, but I'm sure BOKU's pond is much better than ours (ie: The Duck Pond). :) As far as your traveling goes, at least the people there seem to be pretty nice. That's a plus.
    On a more personal level: YES, I concur. Skype is a GREAT invention. Naps are too for that matter. BUT, naps can be very detrimental- I agree with your posting. YOu and Addison are going to have to watch that if you're ever going to actually make it out of your flat! :)
    I can't wait for you to travel outside of the city. I've been waiting to hear about the mountains and the landscape. I'm sure everything in the city and out is beautiful, but I'm still inpatient to hear about the outskirts! Let me know when that journey is to start!
    P.S.- Excellent job on the postings Caleb. I can see already the trip abroad is bringing out the writer in you! I'm lovin it!

  2. I concur 1000% with Whitney. These are the best things since sliced bread and microwaves(meant to be corney)-- I get to see you on Skype and get the details from your blog. I love the personality that is coming out in your blog. PLEASE keep it up. You won't adjust until you stop the naps BTW. So do you have your class schedule yet? I logged off of Skype at 3:30 at school on Friday-- I am having trouble with my computer at school acting funny-- I hope that Skype isn't screwing it up! Where is the note about missing your MOM and Dad who brought you into this world and loved you enough to allow you to live until this ripe old age? Huh Huh??

  3. I want to be your friend-- Dad says HELL O