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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 2- Willkommen Feb. 17

So after a lazy morning staying in bed Addison and I pack up and head back to the airport. It was amazing how nice the airport looked in the daylight. The night before it looked dark and dingy. Not a place I would want to stay in for very long. Today it looked bright and inviting. I think the fact that I was dead tired, hungry, and frustrated with the fact that nothing was going right might have had an influence on my dark and dreary disposition. Anyway we had lunch at Potbellies in the airport and waited for 4 hours for our plane. After an uneventful 9 hour plane flight over the Atlantic, watching one somewhat boring movie, and getting maybe two hours of terrible sleep, we arrive in Austria. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE get off and go get our bags. I get both of my bags, Addison gets one. Imagine that. So we go to the baggage claim and figure out if it came or what was up. Good news-they know where it is. Bad news- it's in America. They say it will show up tomorrow. SO we leave wondering how it is that we are gonna get to where we are staying, when we really don't know where it is. Luckily our new friend Shaiya, who is from Yemen, and knew Jessica, the last purdue student to come to Vienna, is there to show the way. He takes us to a bus, then to a train, then to another train, then we walk a few blocks and go down an alley and into a courtyard, then into the office. NEVER would have found that without him. NEVER.... Then we get back on a train and walk to our apartment. After some confusion of which room was ours, we finally find the right room, and go in. By this time it is around noon in Vienna, and we wake up our new Italian roommate who goes directly to get coffee. It looked like he had a fun night last night, lets just say that. We talk to him for about 10 minutes about where we are form and where he is from, then he hops in the shower and is off to school. Shaiya takes us to the supermarket, which turns out to be an Aldi's, we get some essentials, then go back and sleep for a couple of hours. I wake up, unpack and take a shower. Addison and I venture out to an ATM, grab some cash. Well I grab some cash. Addison's card doesn't work. He is not having the best of luck. Anyway we go and get some food at a pizzeria, it is the only thing around and we didn't feel sure enough to get lost already. So we come back and eat our food, then Shaiya comes and takes us out to the Ride Club. We meet up with two of his friends, and go to the club. It was a pretty sweet club. There weren't that many people there, but it was a Wednesday night. Everybody kept telling us that on Monday night this place is amazing. Anyway after a few biers and a little singing and dancing with my new Yemenis friends, I am ready to go to bed. Addison and I say our goodbyes and give our thanks and head out on our first solo Vienna train ride. Big Stuff. We make to the first train and some girl comes up to me asking things in German. I couldn't understand anything, so i asked her if she spoke english. She said, o thank god, I am form New York. We started a conversation and found out that one of the guys she was with was from Purdue. YAY we made some more friends. Friends that we could speak with. We talked a while on the train, then we got off and waited for another train. I got a delicious lamb sandwich from a street food vendor and got on our second train. We got off and made it to our place. We actually got back without getting lost. After a fun talk with Whitney and her roommate Elaina, I was off to bed. I am really looking forward to wandering around tomorrow and trying to find my way around the city. I really want to feel at home here. It is coming, can feel it, but it is gonna take some time. So I will tell you how it goes. Good night.

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  1. Can't wait to hear what happens next!! I know you're exploring today! I keep waiting to hear stuff about the landscape of Austria! Geez, Caleb. Hurry it up! :) Love ya. - Whit